Lot 278: A Chinese take-out menu that Jackie stepped on while jogging around the Central Park reservoir one morning in 1979.
Buyer: Former NYC mayor, Ed Koch.
Buyer's Quote: "This is New York's little piece of Camelot."
Price: $67,500, after a period of hotly contested bidding against the Chinatown Merchant's Association.

Lot 504: A dust bunny that was under JFK's mahogany desk at the time he signed the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
Buyer: The Unabomber.
Buyer's Quote: Via his attorney: "Mr. Kaczynski's rationale behind this purchase can be found in a manifesto he is writing. Until publication of said manifesto, Mr. Kaczynski has no further comment."
Price: Even swap for Mr. Kaczynski's manual typewriter.

Lot 481: A Scrabble set that had the letters J, F and K on a Triple Letter Score at some point during the Kennedy administration.
Buyer: Former Vice President, Dan Quayle.
Buyer's Quote: "That's 'Scrabble' -- S - C - R - A - B - B - L."
Price: $310,000

Lot 745: A cockroach that was found scurrying behind Jackie's refrigerator while her 5th Avenue apartment was being boxed up for auction.
Buyer: Ned "Bugsy" Brown, Chairman of the University of Florida Entomology Department.
Buyer's Quote: "It's not a cockroach -- it's a piece of history."
Price: $75

Lot 233: The dental tools of Doctor Melvin Unger, who used them to probe Jackie's upper left molar when she complained of pain one day in 1971.
Buyer: Amazon.com CEO, Ed Jeff Bezos
Buyer's Quote: "These are quite literally investment tools that will allow Amazon.com to finally acheive profitability. We plan to resell these items at a 10-fold profit, resulting in a surge of our stock price within six months.
Price: $29.99

Lot 303: 25-watt mood-lighting bulb that was burning in the presidential boudoir as JFK "entertained" Marilyn Monroe in the White House.
Buyer: President Clinton.
Buyer's Quote: "JFK was the man. He taught me everything I know."
Price: Estimated at $100 - $150. It sold for 220 times that -- $33,150.

Lot 487: A diaper soiled by Caroline Kennedy while she was in residence at the White House in 1961. Authenticated by an independent DNA lab.
Buyer: Film Director, Oliver Stone.
Buyer's Quote: "DNA analysis will conclusively prove a conspiracy, and the dirty laundry going on behind the scenes of Camelot."
Price: $425,000

Lot 853: A moist towelette Jackie used to wipe her face after dining on lobster in Cape Cod in the summer of 1961.
Buyer: Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft Corporation.
Buyer's Quote: "The image of this towelette will serve as an icon on the next version of Windows 95. Click on it 24-hours a day to access an interactive Jackie-O auction on the Microsoft Network."
Price: $675,000

Lot 617: A cigarette butt from the ash tray of Jackie's 1992 BMW 325i sedan.
Buyer: Fidel Castro.
Buyer's Quote: Via an interpreter: "It gives me perverse pleasure to think that this cigarette touched the lips of the wife of my greatest adversary. This will make a most excellent addition to my cigar and tobacco collection."
Price: $106,450

Lot 133: The eyeglasses of Edgar Schlumpfel, (background) who witnessed a teen-aged Bill Clinton shake hands with President Kennedy.
Buyer: Elton John.
Buyer's Quote: "I'm always on the lookout for fabulous eyewear to wear in concert."
Price: $1.1 million.

Lot 532: The shoelaces of Hector Ramirez, the elevator operator at Doubleday Publishing, where Jackie worked as an editor.
Buyer: Imelda Marcos.
Buyer's Quote:"They can take away my country, but they can't take away my shoe collection."
Price: $45,000

Lot 992: The hoop earring JFK Jr. wore during his rebellious teenage years.
Buyer: Courtney Love of the rock band Hole.
Buyer's Quote: "I'm going to pierce a f***ing hole in my navel with it."
Price: $102,000

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