Satire, parody and humor -- if you can call it that. By Mitch Lemus

About Pen & Pixel

Pen & Pixel was originally built to house my previously published newspapers and magazine articles. The site has since grown to include humor, parody, social satire and other assorted silliness. It's also been a great way to teach myself some basic website-building skills.

Some people will find the material within distasteful, disrespectful, offensive, objectionable, insulting, insensitive, inappropriate, blasphemous, rude, repugnant and repulsive. To those folks I say, Lighten the f*ck up! To the rest of you, thank you for sharing my twisted sensibilities.

Pen & Pixel gets updated whenever divine inspiration strikes. And when I can steal some time from this. Until then, send your rants and raves to

~ Mitch Lemus